The Lumisource Vintage Mod Chair is a nice place to sit

In my folding wooden card table review, I neglected to mention an important associated item: the chairs. Obviously, you also need a place to sit while you’re gaming.

As a result, I recently received a question from reader Mark B. (hi Mark!):

Can you please tell where you purchased the 2 club-style chairs pictured with the Meco folding table?

Interestingly enough, I get this question a lot in real life, too. Since our table and chairs are located near our front door, the first thing people say when they walk in our house is often, “Oh, I like your chairs. Where did you get those?”

And then my wife will say, “Well, actually, those are from K-Mart.”

And then, usually, the person will say, “…those are not what I would have expected from K-Mart.”

But it’s true. They did come from K-Mart.

The chairs are the Vintage Mod Chair from Lumisource (makers of the BoomChair™). The Vintage Mod Chairs are actually sold at many different retailers, including places you might expect like Amazon, Target, and Houzz. But, at the time I was shopping around for them, the lowest combination of price and coupon codes I could find happened to be on the K-Mart website.

So I bought them from K-Mart—the store whose location in your town is probably boarded up by this point. The store that seems to now mainly exist online as a re-skin of The store that you probably don’t want to go to today even if you could lest you encounter this actual bucket of nightmares that a Business Insider reporter came across at a Manhattan location.

Frankly, the most fascinating thing about K-Mart at this point is the management. K-Mart and Sears’ reclusive billionaire CEO runs the business from his mansion and yacht like a real-life Bond villain. (He also once escaped from kidnappers and is apparently a power user of the Sears Shop Your Way Rewards program.)

Anyways, whether you get these chairs from K-Mart or an actual store, they have a lot of things going for them.


We’ve had these chairs for around three years now, and you can easily sit in one for the two-plus hours it takes to get through a full game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the designers at Lumisource (makers of the Smooch Stool™); they’ve done an excellent job making a chair that is both attractive and a pleasure to sit in.


As of this writing, the chairs are available in four colors: black, white, gray, and a sort of chartreuse that probably does a good job of not showing the hair if your Grinch sheds.

A wheeled rolly-chair variant is also available.


Each chair comes in a big box, securely packaged in styrofoam and plastic. You just have to attach the legs… and then try to cram as much of the packing as you can in your garbage every week for the next month.


Selling anywhere from $100 to $140 each, these chairs aren’t what I would call inexpensive. But, hey, if you buy from K-Mart, that’s a whole lot of Shop Your Way Rewards points you’ll be earning. Plus, the swooping 1960s style is perfect for your submarine yacht, volcano hideaway, or rocket base.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an awesome, mid-century style chair to go with the Meco folding card table, I would highly recommend the Vintage Mod Chair by Lumisource (makers of the Woof Lamp™). The color and style of the chairs make them a perfect match for the table, and they’re comfortable to boot! I would definitely buy these again.