The idea for Existential Reviews came to me while I was waiting in line to pick up a pizza. I was feeling particularly uncertain and directionless when suddenly it hit me. What if I mashed up my passion for writing reviews with my confusion about the nature of universe? Maybe, if I did that, I could get answers to all of my questions.

What is real beyond the confines our own interpretations? Why do we get so caught up in the meaninglesses and ephemerals of life? Are the things we do on a daily basis any more important than cave people rearranging rocks thousands of years ago? Why are we tricked by our own eyes and ears into focusing on everything around us that doesn’t matter, shuffling objects from place to place, speaking words and performing actions to impress other people, fulfilling our expected roles, neglecting what we actually care about and the aspects of our lives that are actually important and enduring?

This blog exists to ponder life’s questions in the context of the products that surround us and captivate us in a consumer society.

If you have feedback or questions, please get in touch with me.